Baldur’s Gate 3: Will have to You Aspect With The Githyanki Or Illithid In Assist Your Protector

Baldur’s Gate 3: Will have to You Aspect With The Githyanki Or Illithid In Assist Your Protector


  • Opting for between the githyanki and Illithid within the “Assist Your Protector” quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 has vital penalties that may exchange the sport’s finishing.
  • Siding with the githyanki and killing the Emperor results in a nasty finishing the place the Tadpole-infected characters become Thoughts Flayers.
  • Siding with the Illithid Emperor lets in the celebration to continue into Act 3 as with some new tough talents, and can result in a a long way higher result.

The Baldur’s Gate 3 quest “Assist Your Protector” items the celebration with a apparently easy selection between facets: githyanki or Illithid? In line with the lore, githyanki have been firstly a part of a synthetic race, created and enslaved by way of Illithids. They sooner or later rose up towards their oppressors, and feature been locked in combat ever since. Their martial tradition celebrates those that take as many githyanki heads as conceivable. The githyanki might look like the proper selection at the floor. They are a playable, humanoid race, and so they struggle for a noble purpose. Then again, both resolution at this important second could have resounding penalties that may exchange the finishing of Baldur’s Gate 3.

Assist Your Protector” starts someplace between the top of Act Two and the start of Act 3, simply ahead of the celebration enters Wyrm Rock Castle and the titular town of Baldur’s Gate. A cutscene performs all the way through a protracted relaxation, appearing Tav in a fitful sleep. The Absolute’s voice calls to them, and as they seize feebly for the Astral Prism that protects them from its affect, a portal opens. Out pop a bunch of githyanki, guns drawn, and a couple of Mind Devourers observe swimsuit. The participant persona can have to make a choice an aspect, and who they assault right here, in addition to their discussion possible choices later on, force what comes subsequent.

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What Occurs If You Aspect With The Githyanki In Baldur’s Gate 3

Orpheus holding a blade in Baldur's Gate 3, with a starry background behind him.

The githyanki are after Orpheus, a claimant to their throne imprisoned by way of Illithids. There are two tactics to take their aspect: attacking the Illithids within the combat at camp, or via discussion exams after the reality. Without reference to who the celebration comes to a decision to struggle with in that preliminary skirmish, there is a strict three-turn restrict. A parasite-infected celebration member, both Tav or one of the crucial Beginning characters in Baldur’s Gate 3, will have to contact the portal ahead of time expires.

When they cross via to the Astral Aircraft, the participant persona encounters a Thoughts Flayer named the Emperor. The Emperor requests the participant persona’s assist to stay the githyanki at bay, but when the celebration attacked any Illithids all the way through the combat with the githyanki at camp, the Emperor might be cautious of them. Will have to they make a selection to again out right here and take the Illithids’ aspect as an alternative, they’re going to need to make a choice friendlier discussion choices to stick within the Emperor’s just right graces.

To proceed siding with the githyanki, the participant persona merely has to assault the Emperor after their grand divulge. They try in pitched combat till the Emperor is close to demise, at which level they’re going to name for a ceasefire. That is successfully the sport offering a last caution: if the celebration chooses to assault the Emperor once more, they’re going to hurtle towards a selected finishing of the sport.

Lae’zel will approve of this selection, however it is all downhill from there. With the emperor useless, all of the imprisoned githyanki will run unfastened, together with Orpheus. Then again, doing so reasons the Tadpole-infected characters to lose keep an eye on in their Thoughts Flayer Parasites in Baldur’s Gate 3. They will all become Thoughts Flayers right away, and credit will roll in this decidedly unhealthy finishing.

Sadly, there is no manner round turning into a Thoughts Flayer if the celebration comes to a decision to aspect with the githyanki and kill the Emperor on the final second. Doing so straight away ends their tale, locking the participant out of all of the ultimate 3rd of the sport. In the event that they need to see the opposite aspect of the warfare and proceed on, they’re going to need to load their most up-to-date save and make a selection to aspect with the Emperor.

What Occurs If You Aspect With The Illithid In Baldur’s Gate 3

A tentacled mind flayer glowers in front of a murky background in a screenshot from Baldur's Gate 3.

Siding with the Illithid all the way through “Assist Your Protector” works in a lot the similar manner, with simplest the objective of the celebration’s assaults differing. They will have to steer clear of harming the Mind Devourers all the way through the preliminary combat, then cross throughout the portal and comply with assist the Emperor towards the githyanki attack. They will struggle a bunch of tough githyanki clergymen, who can transfer briefly and strike a number of instances in a single flip. As soon as the mud settles, the Emperor will wish to communicate once more.

The Emperor finds that they are the participant persona’s Dad or mum. This customer has many times sought them out in desires, providing recommendation, phrases of caution, and upgraded Illithid powers for them and their partners in Baldur’s Gate 3. They have got additionally been the use of Orpheus’ energy to stay the celebration’s parasites dormant, fighting them from present process ceremorphosis. Then again, they give an explanation for that Illithid lifestyles is not so unhealthy, and counsel that the celebration growth their transformation by way of eating an Astral-Touched Tadpole. This can also be permitted or refused, however does not need to be determined in an instant. Regardless of the case, this ends “Assist Your Protector” and lets in the celebration to transport onto the following phase of the sport.

The celebration too can make a selection to take the Tadpole, however no longer to take in it but. Whilst it is going to appear dangerous, your best option here’s for the participant persona to take at the upgraded parasite. This unlocks a complete new tier of the Illithid Powers ability tree, and likewise grants them all of the powers of the primary tier, together with the Fly skill. The one drawback is that it completely adjustments the semblance of whoever takes it on, with darkish veins bulging round their eyes. It isn’t beautiful, however it is very helpful.

It is nonetheless conceivable to unfastened Orpheus in Baldur’s Gate 3, despite the fact that the celebration selected to aspect together with his Illithid captors. Doing so calls for additional development in the principle quest, all the way through which the celebration can both download 3 Netherstones or to find the Orphic Hammer to spring him out safely.

You Will have to Aspect With The Illithid In Baldur’s Gate 3

A mindflayer, a squidlike organism in Baldur's Gate 3 with tentacles extending from its mouth, reaches out toward the camera.

Siding with the Illithid Emperor in “Assist Your Protector” can result in the most efficient result for the most of the people. It does not lock the celebration into a particular finishing, and they are able to continue into Act 3 as customary. If all is going neatly with liberating Orpheus, the celebration will even revel in the most efficient of each worlds, serving to the githyanki and the Illithids in separate tactics. Plus, in addition they get the tough Astral-Touched Tadpole for his or her bother, which will open a trail to a couple spectacular late-game talents.

The one actual drawback to assisting the Emperor of their struggle towards the githyanki is that Lae’zel has a significant disdain for this resolution. That may harm the probabilities of romancing Lae’zel in Baldur’s Gate 3, however does not make it utterly inconceivable. Siding with the githyanki and turning into an Illithid is worse, because it utterly locks out the opportunity of romancing any individual by way of straight away finishing the sport.

Siding with the Emperor appears to be the canonically proper selection, since doing the rest cuts the sport brief. It’s conceivable to look each endings – make sure that you save the sport ahead of hanging up a dialog with the Emperor. It might not be delightful, and surely is not intuitive, however serving to the Emperor is your best option in Baldur’s Gate 3.


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