Celebrity Trek Confirms a Surprise Species Are Resistant to Borg Weaponry

Celebrity Trek Confirms a Surprise Species Are Resistant to Borg Weaponry


  • The parasites from “Conspiracy” are resistant to Borg weaponry, posing a significant risk in
    Celebrity Trek: Defiant
  • The parasites and the Borg percentage a hive thoughts trait, however the extraterrestrial beings have a major merit over the Borg.
  • New revelations in
    Celebrity Trek: Defiant
    divulge the parasites’ frame horror makeover and their attainable to defeat the Borg.

Caution: comprises spoilers for Celebrity Trek: Defiant #13

The Borg are in all probability the largest risk to the Celebrity Trek universe, however now it’s been showed a surprise species are resistant to their weaponry. Few names strike concern into the hearts of Federation electorate, just like the Borg. An ultra-powerful, cyborg race from the Delta Quadrant, the Borg were chargeable for untold distress around the galaxy, however in Celebrity Trek: Defiant #13, one species appears to be like to be immune.

Celebrity Trek: Defiant #13 is written through Christopher Cantwell and drawn through Angel Unzueta. After arriving at Starbase 99 to drop off their prisoners, Worf and the team of the Defiant be informed the station has come underneath siege from the parasite extraterrestrial beings from the primary season Subsequent Technology episode “Conspiracy.” Hugh, an ex-Borg who threw in with Worf’s team, tries to blast the parasites with a Borg warmth weapon, however is stunned to be informed they’re proof against it.

Hugh learns the parasites are immune to his weapons.

The team continues to shield themselves in opposition to the inflamed, who’ve won superhuman energy.

The Parasites From Conspiracy Are An Natural Model of the Borg

The Two Species Proportion a Nice Deal in Not unusual

Star Trek TNG Conspiracy Parasite

The parasitic extraterrestrial beings from “Conspiracy” have returned to the Celebrity Trek universe. Of their first look, Captain Picard thwarts their strive at a takeover of the Federation. Then again, the team of the Endeavor dealt the parasites a brief set-back at absolute best, because the episode ended with the extraterrestrial beings sending a homing beacon to their brethren, signaling a brand new house ripe for conquest. Due to the character of episodic tv, the parasites had been by no means noticed once more, they usually turned into an issue of discussion amongst lovers, who questioned if they’d ever go back.

Earlier problems with Celebrity Trek: Defiant have printed a variety of surprises concerning the parasitic extraterrestrial beings. First, a takeover through one of the crucial extraterrestrial beings is very painful for the host, and will even pressure the host insane. The parasites’ sole on-screen look alluded to the bodily toll they are able to tackle their hosts, and Celebrity Trek: Defiant has doubled down in this, giving them a frame horror makeover. In the end, the parasites and the Borg percentage some characteristics in not unusual, particularly a hive thoughts. Then again, the parasites can’t take over a Borg drone, giving Hugh an edge.


Celebrity Trek Is Atmosphere Up Tasha Yar’s Daughter to Turn out to be the Franchise’s Largest Romulan Anti-Hero (Concept Defined)

Even if Tasha Yar’s daughter Sela has been a nasty man, this yr’s Celebrity Trek: Defiant annual could also be environment her as much as change into an anti-hero.

The Parasites Have a Critical Benefit Over the Borg

May the Parasites Even Defeat the Borg?

Star Trek TNG Borg

But as noticed in Celebrity Trek: Defiant #13, the parasites aren’t at a complete drawback, as they’re resistant to the Borg’s guns, or no less than their hand held fashions. When Picard tries to blast the queen’s host with a phaser, it proves useless. Picard and Riker needed to dial their phasers all of the technique to “kill” with a purpose to even harm the human host. That very same resiliency is on show on this factor. Whilst Borg weaponry remains to be one of the vital deadliest within the Celebrity Trek universe, the “Conspiracy” parasites are immune, making them a real galactic risk.

Celebrity Trek: Defiant #13 is on sale now from IDW Publishing!

Celebrity Trek: Defiant #13 (2024)

Image of Worf fighting off the parasite aliens from "Conspiracy."

  • Creator: Christopher Cantwell
  • Artist: Angel Unzueta
  • Colorist: Marissa Louise
  • Letterer: Clayton Cowles
  • Duvet Artist: Angel Unzueta


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