Deadly Body: Tips on how to Beat Lunar Eclipse Sakuya (Ultimate Boss)

Deadly Body: Tips on how to Beat Lunar Eclipse Sakuya (Ultimate Boss)

The horrific and supernatural tale of Deadly Body: Masks of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster involves its conclusion when gamers attempt to beat the overall boss Sakuya within the ultimate Segment bankruptcy of the sport. Going down in a restrained cage that provides gamers little room to transport round, Sakuya assaults relentlessly with 4 distinctive motion patterns that may lead them to tricky to seize. Gamers having a look to lend a hand this tragic soul go on will wish to manner this boss struggle with endurance and intense center of attention, now not giving Sakuya any likelihood to inflict hurt.


Essentially the most difficult side of this boss struggle comes from Sakuya’s skill to fade ceaselessly from view, inflicting gamers to expire of movie if they are attempting to seize a picture of the boss too briefly. On upper difficulties, such because the unlocked Nightmare mode in Deadly Body: Masks of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster, Sakuya strikes round much more, teleporting into the air of the cage. Because of the character of the sport’s controls, gamers may battle to move their digicam into the appropriate spot towards Sakuya to start up a deadly body in time.

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How To Beat The Ultimate Boss Sakuya in Deadly Body: Masks of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster

Fatal Frame Mask of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster Protagonist in Clearly Haunted Space and Remastered Graphics from Fatal Frame 4

There are 4 assault patterns Sakuya makes use of to inflict hurt upon the participant, the most typical of which is their diving assault from the air. Sakuya will teleport into a place above the participant ahead of diving downward into them to deal harm. Gamers can interrupt this assault by means of deadly framing Sakuya because the ghost dives towards them, surprising the apparition for a restricted time. The usage of pieces just like the Spirit Torch in Deadly Body: Masks of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster or the “Gradual” Lense can both deal extra harm to the boss or gradual them down sufficient for any other deadly body, respectfully.

Some other transfer Sakuya prefers is to teleport in entrance of the shrine ahead of attacking the participant right away. On the other hand, the boss regularly dances round whilst vanishing ahead of abruptly imposing this assault, so gamers will have to watch out to not try a deadly body because the apparition teleports recklessly. The general transfer Sakuya makes use of sees the ghost retreat ahead of vanishing as soon as once more, additionally looking to get gamers to overly devote right into a deadly body and waste movie.

One technique gamers may take pleasure in is to equip their Masks all over Sakuya’s shrine assault trend to steer clear of harm. The Masks may also be placed on during the “Put on” instructed that looks after a short lived prolong following the teleportation of the boss, so gamers should search for the appropriate timing. One of the vital endings of Deadly Body: Masks of the Lunar Eclipse Remaster happens as soon as gamers pass as much as the shrine after they beat the overall boss Sakuya, serving as the realization to a haunting narrative.

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