Demon Slayer: Which Personality Are You Based totally On Your Enneagram Sort?

Demon Slayer: Which Personality Are You Based totally On Your Enneagram Sort?

With season 3 of Demon Slayer slated for 2023, the preferred display has, as soon as once more, develop into some of the expected releases of its coming yr.

Season 2 used to be in a similar fashion expected by way of the group, and the action-packed scenes with stunning animation did not disappoint. On most sensible of the animation, Demon Slayer has an implausible forged of characters with distinct personalities. Each Enneagram sort is correctly represented by way of one Demon Slayer personality or some other.


1: The Reformer – Shinobu

Shinobu Kocho in Demon Slayer

Shinobu is one in all two Hashira arguably extra in style than Tanjiro, the opposite being Giyuu. The Insect Hashira is likely one of the quickest characters within the display.

Shinbou suits the Enneagram 1 Reformer moniker neatly. She’s repeatedly at fight inside her personal morals about how Hashira must behave with demons. Her sister, Kanae, took pity on demons and was hoping that some may just are living peacefully with people. Shinobu’s ethical catch 22 situation of blending her personal ideas with honoring her sister’s legacy makes her some of the attention-grabbing characters within the collection.

2: The Helper – Mitsuri

Mitsuri Kanroji looking afraid in Demon Slayer.

Mitsuri, the Love Hashira, is slated to be one of the vital primary supporting characters in season 3. She’s one of the vital bodily most powerful Hashira, which is humorous given her top and body in comparison to the others.

Up to now, Mitsuri’s been proven to be devoted to the speculation of affection and being beloved by way of her fellow Hashira. Virtually an excessive instance of Enneagram 2, The Helper, Mitsuri is that this to her core. She devotes herself to her crew and all she in point of fact wants in go back is love and friendship. She’s in many ways each probably the most selfless and maximum egocentric Hashira.

3: The Achiever – Daki & Gyutaro

Daki and Gyutaro

Daki & Gyutaro are two of the most productive minor villlains in Demon Slayer, to this point, and the pair are strangely identical regardless of their occasional sibling bickering.

Daki and Gyutaro each appear to position their price on their achievements. Whilst there are lots of wholesome examples of Enneagram 3 in media, Daki and Gyutaro most likely take The Achiever moniker too a long way. The choice of Hashira they have killed, Gyutaro’s building up in standing by way of having a ravishing sister, and Daki’s standing with Muzan are all central using components within the sibling’s backstories.

4: The Individualist – Kanao

Kanao looking into the distance

Kanao and Tanjiro include arguably the very best couple in Shonen Soar. Then again, she’s additionally an implausible personality in her personal proper and is almost definitely the most powerful non-Hashira.

Kanao’s Enneagram sort is fascinating as a result of it is one thing that she struggles with from time to time. Her tale is in large part about learning who she authentically is. She repeatedly struggles to seek out which means in her existence and to find out who she actually is. The 4’s moniker is The Individualist, and Kanao’s adventure towards individualism is likely one of the maximum heart-warming portions of season 1.

5: The Investigator – Giyu

Giyu pointing his sword at someone in Demon Slayer

The Water Hashira is probably the most adaptive, and most likely the number 1 total Hashira in a jack-of-all-trades sense. He is additionally arguably an important Hashira within the tale.

Giyu is arguably probably the most cerebral fighter in Demon Slayer, however he has 5-like qualities with the exception of his intelligence. Giyu’s largest tragedy may be associated with his personal competence: his need to develop into more potent after shedding his good friend Sabito. Giyu’s power to develop into higher intellectually and in his talent makes him absolute best for The Investigator moniker of Enneagram 5.

6: The Loyalist – Zenitsu

Zenitsu about to unwield his sword in Demon-Slayer

The only-trick-pony Demon Slayer Zenitsu is a grasp of Thunder Respiring’s first shape. Then again, it is the simplest shape that he can correctly use in fight.

Zenitsu is amazingly tough when asleep, but if he is unsleeping, he most commonly specializes in two issues: discovering a spouse and his concern of demons. Zenitsu’s nervous, security-oriented nature makes him a dead-on 6. He even suits the “loyalist” nickname, as he is extremely dedicated to Tanjiro and Nezuko — partly as a result of he desires to marry Nezuko, but in addition as a result of he is a faithful significant other to the Kamado circle of relatives.

7: The Fanatic – Tengen

Tengen looking down in Demon Slayer

Tengen Uzui used to be one of the vital main supporting characters of Demon Slayer’s 2nd season. The Sound Hashira made an enormous impact in his fight with Higher Moon 6, Gyutaro.

Few characters deserve the “fanatic” nickname greater than Tengen. Together with his better halves, Tengen’s need is to are living a lifetime of peace and freedom after in any case defeating an higher rank demon. He is additionally an enthusiastic, flashy personality who makes probably the most amusing that he can out of each and every scenario.

8: The Challenger – Inosuke

Inosuke spreading his arms in Demon Slayer.

The inventor of Beast Respiring is likely one of the very best comedic reduction characters within the anime, however he additionally has epic moments that solidify him as one in all Demon Slayer’s very best.

Inosuke’s consistent wish to end up himself towards others makes him a great have compatibility for Enneagram 8, The Challenger. He is self-assured, most likely over-confident, in his skills and makes an attempt to turn others that talent at each and every alternative. Simply as he used to be when he challenged Tanjiro to a combat in his debut episode, Inosuke’s confrontational nature by no means in point of fact cooled down.

9: The Peacemaker – Tanjiro

Tanjiro in a forest surrounded by vibrant purple leaves in Demon Slayer.

Tanjiro Kamado is the protagonist of Demon Slayer and the one personality to have mastered two separate respiring sorts: Water Respiring and Solar Respiring.

Tanjiro completely suits the definition of a peacemaker. He dedicates himself to his sister and buddies ahead of himself. His primary objective is to carry peace again to the arena by way of defeating Muzan and is keen to sacrifice himself with a view to lend a hand repair peace.

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