Famous person Wars Brings Again A Terrifying Clone Wars Nightsister Drive Energy

Famous person Wars Brings Again A Terrifying Clone Wars Nightsister Drive Energy

Caution! This newsletter incorporates SPOILERS for Famous person Wars: The Acolyte episode 7.


  • The Acolyte introduces Nightsister Drive talents to live-action, tying them to Dathomir’s darkish aspect witches.
  • The original Drive energy of teleportation is wielded by means of witch clans in The Acolyte, impressed by means of Famous person Wars canon.
  • Teleportation, an extraordinary Drive skill, is showcased in The Acolyte and The Clone Wars, become independent from Jedi practices.

One Nightsister Drive skill noticed in Famous person Wars: The Clone Wars makes its live-action debut in The Acolyte. Nightsisters, in conjunction with all different Witches of Dathomir, debuted in Dave Wolverton’s 1994 novel The Courtship of Princess Leia, regardless that the primary live-action Nightsister gave the impression within the 1985 movie Ewoks: The Struggle for Endor, due to a retcon. Those homes are a part of the Famous person Wars Legends continuity, then again, and Nightsisters underwent vital reimagining upon being presented to the trendy Famous person Wars canon in The Clone Wars.

Of their authentic Legends incarnation, Nightsisters have been a few of the few of Dathomir’s Witch clans who rejected the chant of “by no means consider to evil,” opting for as a substitute to include the darkish aspect. This may be the case for the trendy canon’s model of the Nightsisters, who use fatal and esoteric Drive talents described as “magick.” One such energy may be utilized by any other coven of witches, as proven in The Acolyte.


All 10 Famous person Wars Easter Eggs In The Acolyte Episode 7

The Acolyte episode 7 includes a choice of thrilling Easter eggs and references to the Top Republic Generation and larger Famous person Wars canon.

The Coven Of Brendok Possess A Distinctive Drive Transportation Energy

Aniseya's Shadow Power Legends in Acolyte Episode 7

In The Acolyte’s penultimate episode “Selection,” Jedi Grasp Sol and Padawan Torbin in brief fight the witches of Aniseya’s coven on Brendok, with Aniseya and Koril the use of the Drive to teleport, in brief taking the type of black smoke within the procedure. Even if Koril makes use of the power to escape from Sol and Torbin, Aniseya’s use of the ability shocks Sol, main him to impale her. A an identical energy made its trendy canon debut in The Clone Wars and has gave the impression in different different Famous person Wars homes since then, with the power just about at all times utilized by witches.

Famous person Wars’ New Drive Energy Is Lifted Immediately From The Clone Wars

Mother Talzin teleporting in Star Wars The Clone Wars.

Mom Talzin is proven the use of a an identical teleportation energy in The Clone Wars episode “Bloodbath,” in brief taking the type of inexperienced ichor as a substitute of black vapor. The Nightsister Merrin additionally particularly makes use of the ability within the Jedi video video games, permitting her to go via Imperial pressure fields. The trendy Famous person Wars canon has presented new witch clans, such because the Mountain Extended family of Dathomir – most probably impressed by means of the Making a song Mountain Extended family from the Legends continuity – who too can teleport.

Teleportation is an extraordinary Drive skill within the
Famous person Wars
Legends continuity, in most cases practiced by means of darkish aspect customers like Sith Lords.

The mysterious being referred to as the Bendu, who debuted in Famous person Wars Rebels, possesses many esoteric powers, reminiscent of the ones of Jedi, Sith, and witches. This comprises teleportation, which he used throughout Grand Admiral Thrawn’s assault on Atollon. Whilst the ability of teleportation is outwardly now not unique to darkish aspect customers, it’s nonetheless a capability now not utilized by the Jedi, as implied by means of Sol’s response to it in The Acolyte.

The Acolyte episode 7 is now streaming. The general episode premieres Tuesday at 9 PM ET on Disney+.

The Acolyte Poster Showing Jedi Order, Mae, and a Sith Lord Holding Lightsabers

The Acolyte

The Acolyte is a tv collection set within the Famous person Wars universe on the finish of the Top Republic Generation, the place each the Jedi and the Galactic Empire have been on the top in their affect. This sci-fi mystery sees a former Padawan reunite along with her former Jedi Grasp as they examine a number of crimes – all resulting in darkness erupting from underneath the skin and making ready to convey concerning the finish of the Top Republic.


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