From Yoda To Huyang: The ten Oldest Megastar Wars Characters

From Yoda To Huyang: The ten Oldest Megastar Wars Characters


  • Megastar Wars has characters with extraordinarily lengthy lifespans, ceaselessly because of being Drive-sensitive or belonging to different species.
  • The oldest characters function essential hyperlinks to the galaxy’s historical past and supply alternatives for world-building and increasing lore.
  • Characters like Yoda, Maz Kanata, and Jabba the Hutt have lived for hundreds of years and feature performed important roles in shaping the Megastar Wars universe.

Megastar Wars is filled with beings who’ve lived longer than someone else, with 10 characters being the oldest within the franchise. The Empire Moves Again first highlighted this development by means of introducing Yoda, and different Megastar Wars characters like Huyang joined the ranks as their precise ages had been showed. Whilst some characters’ existence spans had been showed straight away on-screen, others had been published later in the back of the scenes, and a few characters’ ages got here as a wonder. Human existence spans could also be quite quick, even within the Megastar Wars galaxy, however different species, droids, and strong Drive customers have a for much longer lifespan.

The oldest Megastar Wars characters are essential as a result of they are a window into the galaxy’s previous, offering new bits of world-building or teasing lore that may be expanded in long run tales. This permits some characters to function connective tissue throughout all the franchise, binding other tales in combination and growing a pleasing long-term persona arc. Some of these characters can seem in tales set up to now, however a few of them may even seem in Megastar Wars‘ a ways long run, opening extra tale chances for the franchise. Listed below are the ten oldest characters within the Megastar Wars universe.

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10 The Father, the Daughter, and the Son (Eons Sooner than The Clone Wars)

Force Gods of Mortis - Star Wars Rebels

The Drive wielders referred to as the Father, the Daughter, and the Son are very most probably the oldest characters within the Megastar Wars universe, particularly since they had been thought to be “Drive gods.” They first seemed in Megastar Wars: The Clone Wars season 3, episodes 15 – 17, jointly referred to as the “Mortis Trilogy,” living within the airy realm of Mortis out of doors the identified galaxy. Since they had been described as having been round for eons and represented facets of the Drive itself, then they are nearly definitely the oldest beings in Megastar Wars. Whilst each and every of them met their finish on Mortis, their legend would continue to exist lengthy after the Clone Wars.

9 Bendu (Historic Instances)

Kanan Jarrus kneeling before the Bendu in Star Wars Rebels

Just like the Father, the Bendu was once an historic being who claimed to be the stability between the darkish and lightweight aspects of the Drive. He advised Kanan Jarrus that he’d been round lengthy sooner than him and would nonetheless be round lengthy after, implying simply how lengthy he were alive. Bendu’s lengthy existence afforded him quite a lot of knowledge, however this long-term point of view resulted in him refusing to take aspects, angered when the warfare between the Empire and the rebels got here to his planet. Along with his lengthy existence, Bendu may see into the longer term as smartly, caution Grand Admiral Thrawn of his defeat sooner than mysteriously disappearing.

8 Huyang (Powered Up C. 25,020 BBY)


Huyang is the Megastar Wars galaxy’s oldest persona with a definitive timeline, and he is estimated to had been created round 25,020 BBY, 5 years after the Jedi Order was once based. This was once published in Megastar Wars: Timelines, which means that that till extra concrete dates are supplied for the Drive gods of Mortis and the Bendu, Huyang is the oldest showed persona in Megastar Wars. It additionally manner he is been round because the very starting of the Jedi Order, seeing how they developed and what secrets and techniques they left in the back of. Together with his upcoming look within the Ahsoka TV sequence, there is no telling what could also be published about Huyang’s lengthy, lengthy existence.

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7 Maz Kanata (1,008 Years Outdated)

star wars adventures maz kanata

Whilst nowhere close to as outdated as Huyang, Maz Kanata was once 1,008 years outdated by the point of Megastar Wars: The Upward thrust of Skywalker. She was once born in 973 BBY and took keep watch over of a fort on Takodana 100 years later, turning it right into a safe haven for scoundrels. Maz witnessed many evils all the way through her lengthy existence, together with the Sith, the Empire, and in spite of everything the First Order. On the other hand, not like Bendu, her lengthy existence taught her that evil had to be confronted and defeated in each technology, it doesn’t matter what shape it took. Although she herself was once now not a Jedi, she was once Drive-sensitive, which allowed her to lead Rey on her adventure.

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6 Yoda (900 Years Outdated)

Yoda on Dagobah

The only maximum Megastar Wars fanatics recall to mind relating to outdated characters, Yoda lived to be 900 years outdated sooner than his dying in Go back of the Jedi. He was once born in 896 BBY and started coaching Jedi when he was once about 100 years outdated, in the end turning into Grand Grasp of the Jedi Order. Yoda led the order via its darkest occasions, and this allowed him to grasp emotional detachment greater than any Jedi, having observed numerous pals come and cross through the years. Yoda died of outdated age in 4 ABY, however he would go back as a Drive ghost to lead Luke Skywalker and stand with Rey towards Palpatine.

5 Jabba The Hutt (604 Years Outdated)

Jabba the Hutt in his palace in Return of the Jedi

Jabba Desilijic Tiure was once born in 600 BBY, making him 604 years outdated on the time of his dying in Go back of the Jedi. He was the reigning crime lord within the Outer Rim centuries sooner than the Galactic Civil Warfare, in the end running his manner onto the Grand Hutt Council. Jabba persevered to perform all over the Prime Republic technology, rising his legal enterprises and getting into warfare with the Jedi on a couple of instance. On the other hand, the Jedi satisfied Jabba to best friend with the Republic all over the Clone Wars, due to this fact making him an best friend of the Empire. Jabba was once later killed by means of Leia Organa, leaving his legal empire up for grabs.

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4 Yaddle (477 Years Outdated)

Star Wars Tales of the Jedi Yaddle

As a member of Yoda’s species, Yaddle additionally had a centuries-long lifespan, residing to be 477 years outdated. She was once born in 509 BBY, in a while sooner than the beginning of the Prime Republic technology, and later joined the Jedi Prime Council. Yaddle additionally took rate of coaching Jedi Initiates all over this time, and through the years befriended many younglings, together with Dooku, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Whilst Yoda and different council participants doubted Qui-Gon’s declare in regards to the go back of the Sith, Yaddle believed him and determined to depart the council after the Fight of Naboo. She then came upon Dooku’s allegiance to Darth Sidious and was once minimize down by means of her outdated buddy.

3 Yarael Poof (The Prime Republic Generation)

Yarael Poof in Star Wars

Even if Yarael Poof’s precise age has now not been showed, he was once a member of the Jedi Prime Council by means of 232 BBY, the place he persevered to serve till 22 BBY. This implies Yarael Poof is no less than 210 years outdated, despite the fact that his acceptance to the Jedi Council would position him nearer to 300. On the other hand, with how lengthy different council participants had been alive, it is conceivable that Yarael Poof may well be a lot older than that. Yarael Poof remained at the Jedi Council till he was once killed on a venture in a while sooner than the beginning of the Clone Wars.

2 Oppo Rancisis (The Prime Republic Generation)

Jedi Master Oppo Rancisis in battle

Oppo Rancisis’ age additionally has but to be published, particularly since his dying hasn’t been showed both. He was once probably the most few Jedi to live on the Jedi purge, and no Megastar Wars tale has proven in dying in canon, which means there is a narrow risk that he may well be probably the most Jedi who lived previous Go back of the Jedi. What is understood of Oppo Rancisis is that he was once born to the Thisspiasian Blood Monarchy, however he was once nonetheless taken to the Jedi Order as Grasp Yaddle’s Padawan. Oppo Rancisis was a member of the Jedi Prime Council by means of 232 BBY, the place he remained a member till Order 66.

1 Dexter Jettster (Actual Age Unknown)

Dexter Jettster in Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Presented in Megastar Wars: Episode II – Assault of the Clones as one in all Obi-Wan Kenobi’s informants, Dexter Jettster has not too long ago been published to have a protracted historical past within the Megastar Wars galaxy. He was once running as one in all Maz Kanata’s pirate band all over the Prime Republic Generation, masses of years sooner than the occasions of Megastar Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Threat – and in reality was once her lover. From A Positive Level Of View: Go back of the Jedi published he lived on past the Megastar Wars authentic trilogy, in the long run impressed by means of Obi-Wan Kenobi’s instance to oppose the Empire.


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