Genshin Have an effect on: Very best Characters To Equip Ibis Piercer Bow

Genshin Have an effect on: Very best Characters To Equip Ibis Piercer Bow

The Ibis Piercer bow in Genshin Have an effect on may also be received for a restricted time. Even supposing the event-exclusive weapon may also be supplied by way of any bow persona within the motion RPG, just a few heroes could make correct use of its stats and weapon ability. Ibis Piercer is a 4-star bow that may be obtained without cost all the way through the Genshin Have an effect on 3.7 occasion “Duel! The Summoner’s Summit!”, which is targeted totally on Genius Invokation TCG-related mini-games.


Even supposing the weapon had prior to now seemed in Genshin Have an effect on 3.7 leaks, its unlock confirms the shared data relating to stats and the consequences its weapon ability supplies to the person. The Ibis Piercer is, essentially, a call for DPS bow characters within the recreation, and one of the crucial heroes to be had within the roster thus far can thrive with it supplied. This is, after all, only if the most efficient 5-star possibility isn’t to be had, because the Ibis Piercer’s stats are considerably less than maximum top-tier guns.

What The Ibis Piercer Is Just right For In Genshin Have an effect on

Genshin Impact's Tighnari is sitting and looks at a Dendro formation floating above the palm of his hand.

Sooner than getting a seize of which characters are the most efficient to equip the Ibis Piercer in Genshin Have an effect on, you will need to know how the 4-star bow operates and what it’s just right for. A number of the 4-star bow choices within the recreation, Ibis Piercer is without doubt one of the best possible with regards to stats. It boasts an excellent base ATK stat (565 at stage 90) and, along with that, it gives a super ATK sub-stat as smartly (27.6% at stage 90). This makes it an implausible selection for DPS heroes that depend closely on ATK stat to inflict injury.

What makes the Ibis Piercer bow stand out, then again, is its weapon ability in Genshin Have an effect on. This additional impact will increase the person’s Elemental Mastery stat by way of 40 issues inside 6 seconds after a Charged Assault hit warring parties, as much as 2 stacks. The impact may also be brought on each 0.5 seconds. This makes Ibis Piercer just about tailored for DPS bow characters that use Charged Assaults and that depend on Elemental Mastery to extend injury output thru Elemental Reactions. It additionally significantly narrows down the record of choices, because the Ibis Piercer will have to best be hired by way of heroes that meet those standards.

Very best Characters To Equip Ibis Piercer In Genshin Have an effect on

Genshin Impact's Ganyu on the left, Venti on the right, with the Ibis Piercer in the middle, with a purple backlight behind it.

As identified by way of Game8, the most efficient characters to equip Ibis Piercer in Genshin Have an effect on are DPS bow customers that use Charged Assault of their rotation and depend on Elemental Mastery to extend their injury output. Each Ganyu and Tighnari are optimum alternatives to make use of the Ibis Piercer because of the way to paintings at the box. Occupying the function of a primary DPS in a workforce comp, Ganyu and Tighnari rate their assaults to inflict elemental injury and create reactions. The wooded area ranger is even higher as a result of Tignhari’s construct in Genshin Have an effect on sees him actively use Elemental Mastery all the way through battle.

With Tighnari’s Elemental Mastery center of attention, he’s lately the most efficient persona to equip Ibis Piercer in Genshin Have an effect on.

Regardless of the aforementioned best possible alternatives for Ibis Piercer, there are nonetheless different DPS bow characters in Genshin Have an effect on that may equip the 4-star weapon and profit from its advantages. Tartaglia and Amber are discussed by way of Game8 as viable choices to make use of the Ibis Piercer. With its vital spice up to the ATK stat, each throughout the base stat and extra sub-stat, it may possibly support in those characters’ total injury output, despite the fact that they don’t make an excessive amount of use of the Elemental Mastery bonus. A personality like Yoimiya and even perhaps Venti too can make just right use of Ibis Piercer.

How To Get Ibis Piercer In Genshin Have an effect on

Genshin Impact 3.7's key art, featuring Kokomi to the left and Kaeya to the right. Between them are Kirara and Charlotte. Above Kokomi is Cyno and above Kaeya stands Hu Tao. In the background is a collage of all the four regions in Genshin Impact so far.

To procure the Ibis Piercer bow in Genshin Have an effect on, gamers have a restricted alternative. The unfastened 4-star weapon is without doubt one of the imaginable rewards from the “Duel! The Summoner’s Summit!” flagship occasion in Model 3.7. The unique weapon may also be claimed from the particular occasion web page when the participant gathers a complete of 1.000 Invokation Coupons or extra. Those Invokation Coupons are common rewards that may be received from the a lot of mini-games featured within the Genius Invokation TCG occasion, in addition to the connected tale missions.

Avid gamers don’t wish to alternate the 1.000 Invokation Coupons for Ibis Piercer. Merely collecting sufficient Coupons unlocks the weapon without cost. This permits the Coupons for use within the occasion retailer for different pieces, similar to Persona Ascension Fabrics, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora.

It is very important observe that the Ibis Piercer bow is unique to the “Duel! The Summoner’s Summit!” occasion. Which means it is going to be not possible to procure the weapon and any of its Refinement fabrics after the development has ended. As it’s not being included into the common banner pool, that is the one probability that gamers have at getting this energy ATK bow with Elemental Mastery center of attention. Unfastened and time-limited guns don’t seem to be new to Genshin Have an effect on, and Ibis Piercer is best the newest instance.

How To Improve & Refine Ibis Piercer In Genshin Have an effect on

Genshin Impact's Ibis Piercer bow in the middle, surrounded by Congealed Pupa Wax.

As soon as gamers download the Ibis Piercer in Genshin Have an effect on, they are able to get started upgrading the weapon with a view to use it. To stage it, there is not any secret step: merely the use of different pieces to make stronger its EXP depend is sufficient. The Ascension Fabrics for the 4-star bow are Copper Talisman of the Woodland Dew, A Flower But To Bloom, and Pale Crimson Satin – and their advanced paperwork as the thing’s stage will get upper. What gamers wish to be certain that, then again, is they acquire the entire Refinement Fabrics ahead of they go away the sport completely.

Just like the bow itself, the Refinement Fabrics for Ibis Piercer, referred to as Congealed Pupa Wax, are unique to the “Duel! The Summoner’s Summit!” occasion. Versus the weapon, then again, every of these things prices 600 Invokation Coupons to shop for from the development retailer. This stuff also are unfastened, because the Coupons may also be received from taking part in. Which means acquiring, absolutely upgrading, and refining the Ibis Piercer is totally unfastened. There aren’t any different Fabrics that gamers wish to collect with a view to Refine Genshin Have an effect on’s Ibis Piercer bow.

The Ibis Piercer isn’t one in every of Genshin Have an effect on’s best possible bows, however this can be a considerably robust possibility for an absolutely F2P weapon. The weapon does lack extra persona choices to equip it, although the ones which can be to be had are already considerably robust. If gamers wouldn’t have the most efficient guns for Ganyu or Tighnari, as an example, they are able to reliably use Ibis Piercer and notice sure effects when in battle in any of Genshin Have an effect on’s many battlefields.

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