How To Battle Lavenza in Personality 5 Royal (Guidelines & Methods)

How To Battle Lavenza in Personality 5 Royal (Guidelines & Methods)

Lavenza is a perfect boss who was once added to Personality 5 Royal and will handiest be tackled all over New Recreation+. However like different tricky boss battles, it is important to meet a couple of necessities and watch out of positive mechanics ahead of you’ll be able to even beat her. You’ll be able to come upon the boss combat within the 3rd semester (NG+), and also you must be ready smartly ahead of confronting her.

Like Jose in Personality 5 Royal, Lavenza is a secret boss who returns to expose Igor’s true id. Chances are you’ll acknowledge her as she was once first of all a part of the twins, Caroline and Justine, however was once ripped aside and her reminiscences scattered. It is price mentioning that you’ll be able to handiest combat Lavenza between 1/14 and a pair of/2. You’ll be able to to find her within Mementos to cause the combat, however you’ll be able to handiest achieve this after discovering a path to the treasure within the Ultimate Palace.


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How To To find & Beat Lavenza in Personality 5 Royal

Location & All Levels

Lavenza challenging Joker and his Party in Persona 5 Royal

Once you have discovered the path to the treasure within the ultimate Palace, it is important to to find Lavenza in Mementos ahead of 2/2. Then again, the combat handiest unlocks after your 2d seek advice from to Mementos. Do you should definitely do not spend an excessive amount of time as it’s possible you’ll come upon a boss combat with P5 Royal‘s Reaper, who is very arduous to defeat.

Remember to pick out a group ahead of dealing with Lavenza, as she is going to finish the combat in the event you try to transfer group participants all over combat.

Her combat has 4 stages. For the primary 3 stages, you should injury Lavenza with 5000 injury ahead of 9 turns are up. If no longer, the combat is over. Right here’s take care of every section.


How To Counter


Lavenza takes extra injury after the usage of a particular elemental assault. If she makes use of Hearth, do Ice assaults. If she does Wind, use Electric. The easiest way to take her down on this section is to be affected person and take note of her weaknesses.


Deal Technical Harm on each flip. Use Sleep/Dizzy to cause long term assaults as Technical injury.


Lavenza will now take Bodily and Gun Harm. In the event you fail to land a Vital Hit once or more in line with flip, the combat is over.


Simply wail on her to take her down and defeat her inside of 12 turns.

Secret bosses are supposed to take a look at your complete features in combat. Each and every is hidden deep in opposition to the tip of the sport, and it is extremely most probably that Lavenza will take a couple of makes an attempt to take down, however with observe, she is going to in the end fall. You’ll be able to additionally combat Jose, every other new personality presented in Personality 5 Royal, as a secret boss. If you wish to see how the boss combat with Lavenza performs out, take a look at Rozalin‘s video on YouTube as a way to observe the similar steps.

Video Credit score: Rozalin/YouTube

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