James Gunn Hints At His DCU Plans With Kingdom Come Symbol

James Gunn Hints At His DCU Plans With Kingdom Come Symbol

James Gunn as soon as once more makes use of a picture of the Kingdom Come comedian tournament to trace at his DCU plans, offering an intriguing tease of what may come.

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn hints additional at his DC Universe plans by way of sharing any other symbol from the Kingdom Come tournament tale. Even though no authentic bulletins have come from Gunn or Peter Safran since taking up DC’s film long term, the previous has persisted to make use of social media to generate pleasure about what’s to come back. He has teased fanatics with pictures of Lobo, Mister Terrific, Superman, and extra as plans are being finalized for what path the franchise will move subsequent. Each and every of James Gunn’s social media posts have elicited sturdy reactions from audiences, particularly in terms of teasing primary occasions.


For the second one time now, James Gunn has used an symbol from the Kingdom Come comedian in a social media submit. The four-issue restricted collection from Mark Waid and Alex Ross was once launched in 1996 as a part of DC’s Elseworlds emblem and informed the tale of the unique technology of DC heroes popping out of retirement to struggle again in opposition to a brand new age of “heroes” who have been extra corrupt. Gunn at the beginning used one in every of Ross’ pictures as his header on Hive, however he is now used it once more on Twitter with the caption “planning” to tease his paintings on working out the DCU’s long term.

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What Gunn’s Cryptic Social Media Posts Imply For The DCU

Superman glares down at the world in Kingdom Come comics.

James Gunn’s Kingdom Come tease is the most recent in an extended line of cryptical social media posts from the DC Studios co-CEO. He has overtly mentioned that he and Safran are operating at the roadmap for the DCU’s long term and that they are going to provide their plans for the longer term to Warner Bros. Discovery leaders in early 2023. The now-repeated Kingdom Come posts can be a signal to fanatics that the long-lasting DC storyline is by some means factoring into their plans. With WBD in need of a unified DC cinematic universe, that may most likely imply a Kingdom Come film this is at once hooked up to the DCU franchise as a substitute of being any other Elseworlds-style film.

There may be even a possibility that James Gunn’s different DC-related social media teases are all hooked up to a Kingdom Come plan. Some of the traits to Gunn’s posts is that they’re targeted round characters who don’t seem to be recently a part of the shared universe. New DC characters like Lobo and Mister Terrific may probably be in his thoughts to introduce as a part of a brand new technology of heroes who then come into battle with the older guard. It will even assist give an explanation for Guy of Metal 2‘s construction slowing down to verify it might account for what state Henry Cavill’s Superman must be in for any possible adaptation.

After all, James Gunn’s cryptic social media posts about DC may be misdirection on his phase, figuring out that fanatics will stay their center of attention on what he is teased as a substitute of what has no longer been introduced. Even though a Kingdom Come film isn’t a part of the DCU long term plans, there may be hope that James Gunn’s different DC film teases will come to fruition. He obviously desires to position his fingerprints at the franchise and introduce a brand new wave of characters, in order that is much more likely to be what his center of attention is on presently.

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