RDJ Can Simply Go back As Iron Guy, However That’s Now not Wonder’s Drawback

RDJ Can Simply Go back As Iron Guy, However That’s Now not Wonder’s Drawback

At this level, Robert Downey Jr. can simply go back to the Wonder Cinematic Universe as Iron Guy, however that is not the downside. Because the MCU’s inaugural hero, Tony Stark was once the poster hero of the franchise. He was once essentially the most influential persona of the Infinity Saga, so it was once simplest becoming that his loss of life in Avengers: Endgame marked the tip of the MCU’s first storytelling bankruptcy. Apart from that, wrapping up Iron Guy’s arc by means of seeing his sacrificial play completely encapsulates Wonder Studios’ knack for long-term persona building, bearing in mind what sort of particular person he was once when he debuted in 2008’s Iron Guy.


Whilst Iron Guy’s Avengers: Endgame loss of life made sense — each for the nature’s non-public tale and the MCU as an entire, the dialog about his go back by no means in reality died down. Nearly 4 years for the reason that fruits of the Infinity Saga and Section 5 into the Multiverse Saga, discussions about how, when, and why Downey can come again as Iron Guy continues. Making an allowance for the whole lot that is going down within the franchise at this level, there are without a doubt a number of techniques to deliver again the genius, billionaire Avenger again. Then again, that’s not what is preventing Wonder Studios from doing that.

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How RDJ’s Iron Guy Can Go back (With out Undoing His Dying)

Iron Man's snap in Avengers Endgame

Wonder Studios has lengthy established that loss of life does not essentially imply the tip of the street for sure characters. Granted, a number of gamers died and stayed lifeless, however the MCU has undone many important losses. Loki has cheated loss of life one too repeatedly. Wonder Studios caught to his brutal homicide within the Sacred Timeline, however he is still an integral a part of the Multiverse Saga as a variant because of the concept that of the multiverse. As the theory of more than one realities and timelines turns into a central plot tool within the MCU, Wonder Studios can use this to justify bringing again Downey’s Iron Guy.

Going the multiversal direction approach a possible re-emergence of Iron Guy’s variant in both Avengers: The Kang Dynasty or Avengers: Secret Wars. Apart from that, alternatively, there are a few different ways to look Stark once more within the MCU. Flashbacks are one of the best ways to do that, particularly with tasks similar to Armor Wars and Ironheart, which is able to do a deep dive into his legacy. A cameo the usage of Stark Tech from Captain The united states 3, BARF (Binary Augmented Unfashionable-Framing), could also be an choice.

Wonder’s Actual Drawback Is It is Nonetheless Too Quickly For RDJ’s Iron Guy Go back

Iron Man prepares to time travel in Avengers: Endgame

Even though Wonder Studios has a number of techniques to deliver again Downey’s Iron Guy into the MCU, that’s not in reality what is hindering his go back. As an alternative, it is that it is a long way too quickly to look him, in any form or shape, within the MCU following his Avengers: Endgame loss of life. Wonder Studios remains to be seeking to rebuild the universe following the fruits of the Infinity Saga. Which means they want to focal point on growing their final characters to be the following faces of the MCU and bring in new blood with the coming of unpolluted gamers like Ms. Wonder, Shang-Chi, Moon Knight, and She-Hulk, amongst others.

Reintegrating the Avenger into the MCU may just additionally cheapen his best send-off. That is the worst factor that Wonder Studios can do to the Infinity Saga fruits as a result of his loss of life was once its emotional core. As tragic because it was once, Iron Guy’s loss of life was once important to Section 4‘s storytelling. With out it, sure narratives within the Multiverse Saga don’t have labored. That incorporated WandaVision, as he would have most likely fought for Imaginative and prescient’s frame, making it tricky for SWORD to experiment on it. The propaganda towards Peter Parkers don’t have labored in Spider-Guy: No Approach House, as neatly.

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When Can Wonder Studios Deliver Again RDJ’s Iron Guy?

Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark aka Iron Man in Avengers Endgame

Since there is not any onerous rule that forestalls Downey’s go back as Stark within the franchise, it’ll all boil all the way down to Wonder Studios’ storytelling. As discussed, alternatively, bringing him again within the Multiverse Saga is far too quickly, however for the reason that MCU’s plan runs up till 2032, there are extra alternatives for his much-anticipated go back. That method, there is no less than some really extensive separation between his loss of life and his subsequent look. Iron Guy has formed the MCU‘s Infinity Saga and past along with his legacy, so it’ll all the time be nice to look him come again. Then again, it is best to attend some time longer ahead of he returns.

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