Recreation Of Thrones’ New By-product Makes Area Of The Dragon’s Largest Retcon Extra Vital (& Riskier)

Recreation Of Thrones’ New By-product Makes Area Of The Dragon’s Largest Retcon Extra Vital (& Riskier)


  • Area of the Dragon’s retcon of Aegon’s dream can’t be omitted within the Aegon’s Conquest by-product.
  • Aegon’s dream of the White Walkers has a big have an effect on on Westeros and the Targaryen dynasty, shaping the occasions of Recreation of Thrones and including extra weight to sure characters and storylines.
  • The Aegon’s Conquest by-product will want to to find the proper stability in incorporating the prophecy, given the blended reception of Recreation of Thrones’ finishing and the way the White Walkers have been defeated.

HBO is creating a Recreation of Thrones prequel about Aegon’s Conquest, however it faces some attainable demanding situations after one retcon from Area of the Dragon. Recreation of Thrones‘ finishing could have been divisive, however that hasn’t stopped HBO from exploring Westeros additional at the small display screen. Area of the Dragon was once however step one against increasing the franchise, with many extra spinoffs anticipated.

But even so Area of the Dragon season 2, there may be A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: A Hedge Knight, which has a sequence order, in addition to others that experience now not but been showed. Amongst the ones, HBO is growing an Aegon’s Conquest by-product, because of this audiences will be capable to see precisely how the Targaryen dynasty was once established. Importantly, that comes with the actual explanation why Aegon conquered Westeros within the first position.

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Aegon’s Conquest


Recreation Of Thrones’ Conquest By-product Will Have To Come with Aegon’s Dream

Area of the Dragon’s retcon can’t be omitted.

Viserys and Balerion skull in House of the Dragon and Aegon the Conqueror in The World of Ice and Fire

There are a number of key occasions that an Aegon’s Conquest by-product would want to take from George R.R. Martin’s books, however one of the crucial largest parts of the display isn’t (but) a part of the writer’s paintings. As a substitute, it comes from Area of the Dragon season 1: Aegon’s dream of the White Walkers. Referred to as A Music of Ice and Fireplace, the Conqueror’s prophecy foretold a coming darkness that will envelop all of humanity, and just a Targaryen at the Iron Throne may prevent it. This, it grew to become out, was once why he conquered Westeros.

Aegon’s dream was once by no means discussed in Martin’s personal A Music of Ice and Fireplace novels, the Targaryen historical past e-book Fireplace & Blood, or Recreation of Thrones, making it a large retcon of Targaryen historical past by way of Area of the Dragon. As a result of that, then there’s no approach the Aegon’s Conquest by-product can forget about it. It’s now intrinsic to the nature and to all the Targaryen dynasty, as a lot part of the tale as him unifying Six of the Seven Kingdoms (with Dorne resisting), having the Iron Throne cast, and starting a line of Westeros King’s and Queens that lasts virtually 300 years.

What Aegon’s A Music Of Ice And Fireplace Dream Approach & How It Adjustments Recreation Of Thrones

The prophecy has a large have an effect on on Westeros and the Targaryen dynasty.

Aegon the Conqueror’s A Music of Ice and Fireplace has a big have an effect on on just about each and every generation of Recreation of Thrones historical past that follows it. It adjustments the Targaryen dynasty, since virtually all kings would had been acutely aware of it – although some did not imagine it. That a lot is apparent – and a part of the purpose of it – in Area of the Dragon, the place Aegon’s dream (and its conflation with The Prince That Was once Promised prophecy) turns into a key catalyst for the Dance of the Dragons, and from a false impression at that.

In relation to Recreation of Thrones season 8, additionally it is imaginable to peer the have an effect on of Aegon’s dream. For the reason that level of the Conquest was once {that a} Targaryen was once had to defeat the White Walkers, it suggests Daenerys Targaryen was once by no means going to be Queen for lengthy, since their objective was once fulfilled. Likewise, it helps the speculation of Jon Snow and/or Daenerys being The Prince That Was once Promised, whilst including extra weight to the truth that the catspaw dagger – Aegon’s knife, which carries the prophecy – was once used to defeat the Night time King.

There are different occasions now not lined in as a lot element the dream may observe to as smartly. It is imaginable the Mad King knew in regards to the White Walkers, and it is a part of what drove his movements. In all probability A Music of Ice and Fireplace is why King Aegon V Targaryen was once so determined to convey dragons again that he ended up killing himself and more than one others within the Tragedy at Summerhall, which might be proven within the by-product A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms. It reshapes such a lot of canon, because of this it undoubtedly cannot be omitted.


Aegon’s White Walker Dream Adjustments Recreation Of Thrones Historical past In 13 Tactics

Area of the Dragon published Aegon the Conqueror’s Music of Ice and Fireplace prophecy, and it has a big have an effect on upon Recreation of Thrones and Westeros’ historical past

Area Of The Dragon’s Targaryen Prophecy Set Up A Very Other Aegon Conquest Display

Aegon is now greater than only a conqueror.

Image of King Aegon I Targaryen on the Iron Throne, alongside Rhaenys Targaryen, in Fire & Blood

Previous to Area of the Dragon, Aegon’s Conquest was once essentially a tale of unstoppable energy and ruthless ambition. Aegon had already helped put an finish to the facility struggles in Essos, and the younger Lord was once hungry for extra – turning his attentions to Westeros from his circle of relatives’s seat of Dragonstone. Together with his dragon, Balerion the Black Dread (nonetheless the largest to have ever lived), and the ones of his sisters – Vhagar (who belonged to Visenya) and Meraxes (Rhaenys’ dragon) – in addition to a military, he took regulate with hearth and blood.


Casting Aegon’s Conquest: 10 Actors Highest For The Recreation Of Thrones Prequel’s Major Characters

HBO has introduced the following Recreation of Thrones prequel, Aegon’s Conquest. This is our ideally suited fan-cast for Aegon, Rhaenys, Visenya, and different primary avid gamers.

Aegon’s dream adjustments that to a point. This isn’t simply the tale of an formidable conqueror aiming to take energy, however of a would-be hero who believes himself the savior of all the international. That does not imply ambition and a thirst for energy don’t seem to be nonetheless there, however they are simply a part of why he involves Westeros now. Recreation of Thrones‘ Aegon’s Conquest by-product will as a substitute see him a lot more because the hero of his personal tale, a person confused by way of future. It is extra complicated and, actually, extra attention-grabbing, given how slightly simple the conquest is for him, even though there’s a drawback too.

Recreation Of Thrones’ Lengthy Night time Unhappiness May Be A Drawback For HBO’s Aegon’s Conquest Display

Season 8’s White Walker tale left so much to be desired.

The Night King raises corpses in Game of Thrones season 8, episode 3,

The largest drawback with Aegon’s Conquest being pushed by way of his dream of the White Walkers and The Prince That Was once Promised prophecy is identical factor with Area of the Dragon together with it: it is all weakened by way of Recreation of Thrones‘ finishing. The expanded universe is also turning the Targaryen dynasty right into a 300-year preparation for the approaching struggle between the residing and the useless, however it is one who the principle display ended unexpectedly and with out many solutions in season 8.

After years of build-up, the White Walkers have been defeated inside of simply 3 episodes. The second one Lengthy Night time was once, in spite of everything, beautiful darn brief. There was once no actual affirmation about The Prince That Was once Promised prophecy, and Jon Snow did not get to kill the Night time King. That is what Aegon’s Music of Ice and Fireplace is putting in and, whilst it is doubtlessly nice for the person display, it’s exhausting for it to keep away from the truth that such a lot of have been disenchanted with how Recreation of Thrones completed that tale.

The Aegon’s Conquest by-product cannot lend a hand however be in regards to the prophecy, however it wishes to search out the proper stability, making sure it is contained and works inside of its personal narrative and there is a pleasant tale along it. Aegon, after all, by no means faces the White Walkers, however there will have to nonetheless be a way of conclusion for his arc with reference the prophecy – whether or not that is merely appearing him passing it on, or ruminating on his personal issues in regards to the long run or perceived failure to care for the risk. It cannot simply be impactful for Recreation of Thrones, or it will have a transparent drawback.

Aegons Conquest TV Series Logo Poster

Aegon’s Conquest

A prequel set within the Recreation of Thrones universe, Aegon’s Conquest comes from author Mattson Tomlin. It’ll apply Aegon Targaryen as he invades and conquers most of the seven kingdoms to unify all of them. The display will discover Aegon’s upward thrust to energy and next fall and is predicted to supply new context on particular occasions in Area of the Dragon and Recreation of Thrones.

Mattson Tomlin



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