Sea of Stars: How To Get Moon Bo & Solar Blade (Valere & Zale’s Absolute best Guns)

Sea of Stars: How To Get Moon Bo & Solar Blade (Valere & Zale’s Absolute best Guns)

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The Moon Bo and Solar Blade in Sea of Stars are, respectively, Valere and Zale’s highest guns within the sport, and they may be able to give a mighty benefit in opposition to the general boss. There are a number of guns so that you can use within the sport, unfold throughout all of the playable characters. Whilst there are nice choices to equip for the general disagreement, most commonly discovered at the final map, the most productive guns for Valere and Zale in Sea of Stars are hidden away in the back of a secondary goal. Those guns aren’t mandatory for the belief of the sport, however they may be able to give an edge to the Solstice Warriors.

This newsletter accommodates large SPOILERS for Sea of Stars.

So to seek out the mythical guns for Valere and Zale, particularly the Moon Bo and the Solar Blade, it is very important advance considerably into the principle tale, just about up till its finish. Those guns are locked in the back of the answer of all Solstice Shrine puzzles and, whilst some can also be often accomplished all through the marketing campaign, a couple of require you to head additional. After defeating the Dweller of Dread in Seraï’s Global, you’ll free up the facility of flight with the protagonists, which can be key in attending to the remainder of the Solstice Shrines and going through the Elder Mist in Sea of Stars.

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All Solstice Shrine Places & Answers In Sea Of Stars

Artwork centered on Valere from Sea of Stars holding a staff, with Zale and Garl in the background.

The primary Solstice Shrine wanted so as to download the Moon Bo and Solar Blade is situated on Evermist Island. For reference, that is the primary island that you just discover in Sea of Stars, right away after leaving Mooncradle Village. Once you have in the course of the Forbidden Cavern, the Solstice Shrine is to the East.

To open this location, you want to make use of the Evermist Shrine Key, which is bought naturally whilst enjoying in the course of the marketing campaign. Elder Moraine offers you this merchandise. Inside of this Shrine, it is very important use your wind energy to push blocks and take the crystal-like one to its vacation spot with out touching the illuminated blocks across the area.

Upon finishing the Solstice Shrine in Evermist Island, you’ll obtain the Combo talent Soonrang, which is just like Valere’s Moonrang in Sea of Stars, but additionally infuses Zale’s sun powers into the combination. The second one Solstice Shrine that you want to get admission to is situated on Wraith Island.

That is the gloomy island with the The town of Lucent and the Cursed Woods. To get get admission to to its internal chamber, you’ll have to use the Graplou talent at the pole. Inside of this Shrine, it is very important clear up a puzzle to succeed in the chest. Get started off through stepping at the decrease appropriate platform, which is able to carry the decrease left platform.

You must then move to the newly-raised platform, climb, and bounce to the middle-left platform to get the Solstice Shrine Key A. The next move is to insert it into the slot on the appropriate a part of the map. This may occasionally create a suite of stairs at the appropriate, which can be utilized to seize a Shimmering Group of workers from an not obligatory chest in Sea of Stars. Then you wish to use the lever within the middle to reset the platforms and seize the Solstice Shrine Key A from its slot at the appropriate. The important thing must then be inserted within the slot close to the lower-left platform.

Go back to the lower-right platform, step on it to carry the lower-left platform all over again, then continue to the lower-left platform to climb the trail to the top-left pillar and declare Solstice Shrine Key B. Insert this merchandise into the correct slot, use the lever to reset the platforms, and seize Key A once more. Climb the stairs at the appropriate once more previous the not obligatory chest and within the top-right nook, insert Key A. Take Key B from the lower-right slot and insert it into the left slot, then step at the lower-right platform.

There’s a secondary not obligatory chest left from the principle chest that has a Shimmering Sword for Zale.

You are going to then have the ability to make your manner as much as the end with the left platforms. The principle chest holds a Solstice Sash, which reinforces the person’s Magic Assault through 7 issues. Those two first Solstice Shrines can also be solved ahead of obtaining the power to fly. The final 3, alternatively, require this end-game talent.

The 3rd Solstice Shrine can also be discovered on an island to the West, simply between Evermist and Sleeper Islands in Sea of Stars. The primary puzzle is to switch the time of day to open the door. First position the sunshine at the left moonlight gauge, then rotate clockwise to fill the correct moonlight gauge.

Proceed turning time clockwise to fill the correct daylight gauge after which clockwise once more to fill the left daylight gauge. The puzzle within the 3rd Solstice Shrine calls for you to transport on a platform to succeed in the correct and left aspects of the room, have interaction with every totem, after which continue to the end center space to say the chest.

The arrows at the platform dictate the course you’re going in and will best be activated as soon as. Chances are you’ll bounce down into the chasm to go back to the start of the puzzle in Sea of Stars and step at the tile to reset the platform.

If truth be told, you’re required to take action so as to achieve each side after which declare the chest on the finish. The chest within the 3rd Solstice Shrine accommodates Eclipse Armor, which is without doubt one of the highest armors for Valere and Zale. The fourth Solstice Shrine in Sea of Stars is situated to the East of the map, simply South of Mirth. The door additionally must be opened with time-changing skills. Get started off with the left tiles and transfer counterclockwise as they’re crammed out.

This must be accomplished briefly so as to be triumphant.

As soon as within, it is very important use those powers once more to succeed in and have interaction with 3 totems. The use of daylight in the right kind place will make vines develop and the usage of moonlight will make platforms stick out. It is very important adequately use those to navigate the realm. Fortuitously, the puzzle could be very simple and does require an excessive amount of vital pondering. The chest within the fourth Solstice Shrine accommodates Heliacal Earrings in Sea of Stars, a impressive piece of drugs for Zale that will increase his Magic Assault through 10 issues and makes his Sunball ability’s splash impact deal complete injury in opposition to goals.

The fifth and ultimate Solstice Shrine, had to free up the Moon Bo and Solar Blade in Sea of Stars, is situated in Seraï’s Global. You are going to additionally want the flight talent to succeed in this island to the West. Right here, it is very important open the door the usage of your time-changing powers once more. Climb at the left platform, toggle the left tile to make it upward thrust, then briefly toggle the correct tiles to make the smaller platforms to be had. Make your method to the opposite massive platform at the appropriate then set the sunshine to the left tiles once more to make it upward thrust so as to achieve the lever.

Throughout the 5th chamber, click on at the crystals to light up the realm.

Within the 5th Solstice Shrine, it is very important have interaction with a couple of totems. It is very important use the blocks on the middle of the sector to resolve the place the bottom will seem, permitting you to transport round, turn on the remainder of the totems, and achieve the chest on the finish of the puzzle. The chest accommodates Celestial Ray, an excellent merchandise in Sea of Stars that enhances Magic Assault through 5 issues and makes the person regenerate an additional +1 MP with each and every common assault used. Clearing out the 5 Solstice Shrines will help you take the general steps into obtaining the Moon Bo and Solar Blade.

After finishing all 5 Solstice Shrines, you must go back to the Mountain Path, the place you first met the Elder Mist. As an alternative of the usage of the teleport into its trial, you must continue backward down the mountainside and right into a small door situated at once beneath the Elder Mist’s lair, in the back of waterfalls. Have interaction with the misty portal within the room and the Elder Mist will communicate to the Solstice Warriors in Sea of Stars, issuing them a problem so as to download the mythical guns for Valere and Zale.

How To Beat Elder Mist (2d Combat) In Sea Of Stars

Zale's icon to the left, the Elder Mist's icon to the right, and the main starting party facing the Elder Mist in Sea of Stars in the background.

You’ll have to face the Elder Mist as soon as once more in Sea of Stars, however this time the combat is far more difficult, and you’ll be able to best use Valere and Zale. This implies your partners don’t have any manner of serving to in any respect. The massive distinction all through the second one model of the combat is how laborious Elder Mist hits. You must be extraordinarily cautious of his counterattack that slams all of the birthday party and offers an enormous quantity of wear. To keep away from this, take a look at destroying his sword as briefly as imaginable. This sword regenerates and can wish to be destroyed once more, however having it damaged will assist you to keep away from getting punished.

Carry a complete inventory of Sea of Stars‘ meals into the combat, as it will assist heal and even perhaps revive a personality must they fall in combat.

You must additionally attempt to destroy his locks all through. If that’s not imaginable, attempt to destroy as lots of his locks as imaginable to scale back the wear and tear you’ll maintain. This is a grotesque and lengthy combat, however as soon as he’s defeated, Elder Mist will praise you with Moon Bo for Valere and Solar Blade for Zale, two of the most productive guns within the sport. Defeating the Elder Mist on this facet quest additionally grants the “Elder Dissed” Trophy or Success for Sea of Stars, relying on which platform you’re enjoying on.

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