Ultros Evaluation: “An Totally Unique DMT-Infused Metroid Fever Dream”

Ultros Evaluation: “An Totally Unique DMT-Infused Metroid Fever Dream”


  • Ultros gives a novel twist at the metroidvania style, emphasizing landscaping and nurturing vegetation inside of a celestial spacecraft.
  • The sport options shocking visuals and tune from famend artists, making a coherent and immersive enjoy.
  • Whilst the fight and platforming could have some problems, Ultros shines in its center of attention on expansion, renewal, and collaboration with nature, providing a refreshing take at the style.

The Sarcophagus drifts via house, a thrumming celestial ark with a mysterious deity at its thunderous middle. Preventing the creatures in Hadoque’s stunning debut Ultros feels recognizable in generalized metroidvania style phrases, however this ultimately takes a backseat to a maximum ordinary gameplay core: landscaping and nurturing the curious vegetation throughout the huge spacecraft. It’s a large twist in a style which steadily prioritizes fight, nevertheless it’s a compelling and encompassing experiment; as soon as the sport’s intricate narrative and expectancies transform obvious, gamers would possibly to find that they don’t even want a sword to prevail.

Instantly recognizable on beginning up the sport is the paintings of Niklas Åkerblad, popularly referred to as “El Huervo,” a visible artist and musician who rose to substantial popularity following his iconic contributions to the Hotline Miami sequence, although he’s additionally featured in quite a lot of different releases during the last decade. So has Oscar Rydelius a/okay/a Ratvader, Ultros‘ lead composer, whose evocative and intimate orchestral paintings infuses each and every hall of the send with eerie majesty.

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Ultros is far more than meets the attention.


  • An implausible adventure that demanding situations its style
  • Sound and visible designs are memorable and shocking

  • The true gameplay isn’t as exceptional as its presentation

It’s exhausting to not discover and describe each and every member of the advance crew, basically as a result of their completed paintings has the texture of a extremely coherent collaborative undertaking. From the quasi-transcendentalist textual content and discussion to the bizarrely stunning, every now and then unpredictable overgrowth of its plant existence, Ultros is a haunting interactive enjoy which additionally feels warmly private on the identical time.

A Ronin Roams The Lawn

Ultros casts gamers as Ouji, a mute interstellar samurai who manifests unarmed on The Sarcophagus. Preliminary explorations disclose the dimensions and scale of the send, whose halls prolong into other biomes throbbing with squishy neon-colored forests and threatening creatures. Ouji can soar, slash, and slide via small areas, with further talents to be had to unencumber after resting in round chamber checkpoints dotted during each and every house. As an alternative of XP, the sport’s modest talent tree is happy through eating 4 sorts of diet, represented as bars which fill through consuming the end result and flesh of Ultros‘ natural world.

Early hours of the sport to find Ouji slashing beasts bloody and squaring off towards bosses, gazing the psychedelic hues, illegible background textual content, and different curious points of interest and sounds of each and every zone. It’s an overwhelmingly alien surroundings, to the purpose the place it’s exhausting to intuit sizzling spots and key parts proper off the bat, however the send briefly grows extra acquainted, readable, or even welcoming as each and every completed cycle returns Ouji again to the beginning.

Ultros Review Bloody Combat

It will not be correct to explain Ultros as a roguelite, although loops of rebirth are integral to development. After silencing a shaman – an incubated and secure entity which serves as a kind of clever energy supply, normally located at the back of a chairman stumble upon – Ouji obtains a brand new “extractor” software, an equippable drone which injects new capability and attainable into the elemental gameplay.

She’s then drawn again to the central spoke of the Sarcophagus and absorbed into the demon Ultros, triggering a damaging match which activates the cycle to start anew. Sure adjustments do persist, like vegetation blossoming and rising higher, however any shamans minimize through her blade stay minimize… This is, till the participant discovers trade easy methods to deal with the demon.

Gärdner’s Useful Gardening Pointers

Protagonist Ouji and an NPC named Gardner meeting at a large tree in the game Ultros

There are a number of other NPCs to satisfy, befriend, and confront in Ultros, although Gärdner stays a standout. This mild alien horticulturalist is steadily the primary face Ouji encounters at the beginning of each and every loop, they usually’ll patiently teach her on the true magic attainable of the sport’s methods: the cultivation of plant existence during the Sarcophagus.

With a couple of further extractors, Ouji learns sow the numerous odd seeds of Ultros, dig up and replant them, nurture their enlargement with compost, or even splice in combination other species to create higher-reaching platforms and fasten huge spaces. Prior to now locked obstacles can also be breached with connective plant power, or even once-menacing creatures can also be swayed with the best snacks.


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It is at this level that Ultros unearths its wider goals. Unexpectedly, the ones sparkling soil beds gamers have run previous numerous instances are understood to be portions of an natural nexus, and the creatures as soon as regarded as routinely antagonistic are noticed as doubtlessly useful parts of the Sarcophagus’ ecosystem. None of this truly happens in scripted style outright, however is slowly communicated by means of the mysterious rhythms of the sport, encouraging the participant to pursue extra attention-grabbing objectives than just slashing at no matter strikes.

The Trowel Is Mightier Than The Sword

Ultros Review Pantheon

Admittedly, there are a couple of problems with Ultros’ atypical motion and fight methods. Ouji can really feel stiff and unpredictable within the air, with new talents supporting trick jumps that don’t seem to be instantly intuitive, and preventing steadily feels vague and jagged. Blending up assaults are required to render the most efficient meat from the sport’s creatures, an concept which doesn’t at all times really feel sublime in follow, and knocking right into a injury supply ricochets Ouji clumsily to the ground. The decreased emphasis on straight-up motion tempers those qualities, although, with platforming and gardening methods the extra an important issues.

The power to warp across the map is ultimately unlocked, nevertheless it purposes a lot in a different way right here than in every other metroidvania. In Ultros, gamers will wish to moderately attach tendrils of energy between budding plants to allow warp get right of entry to and cause a couple of different methods, which in the end transforms the Sarcophagus right into a satisfyingly daunting world-sized puzzle.

Distances between blooms should be measured and deliberate upfront, so it’s useful that Ultros options a very good map. Gamers can use it to trace creature spawns, plant expansion, attached spaces, and different parts at a look, and each and every plant construction cultivated in soil beds over successive loops is visual with nice element, which turns into a seriously vital asset within the latter stretch of the sport. Long parts of our time right through this assessment have been spent scrutinizing the map and panning from side to side to devise out those designs.

Ultimate Ideas & Evaluation Ranking

Ouji in the game Ultros standing in front of two creatures fighting over a piece of alien fruit

Permitting gamers to observe the philosophical course from sword to soil manifests as certainly one of Ultros’ maximum arresting and ordinary manuevers. Its overpowering subject matters of expansion, renewal, and service are illustrated with delicate poetry and uncooked recreation mechanics in lieu of a verbose script, and the narrative inches increasingly more towards the highlight because the characters are explored and the aim of the send is divined over the years.

Alternatively, photographs and video of the sport would possibly seem deceptive. The motion, whilst serviceable, hits a mechanic ceiling early on, and the ones in search of a scrappy metroidvania is also upset with how the fight is typically downplayed or, when given middle level, necessarily simple and underwhelming. Even the platforming can really feel fairly rubbery, vague, nearly input-delayed now and then, and it’s no longer unusual for a plant to develop in an unpredictable path or at once lure Ouji between a department and a wall.

However concern no longer, as those scenarios can at all times be resolved through reducing a department or digging up a seed and replanting it wholesale. Additional and extra in, Ultros’ international turns out certainly one of ingenious, chaotic malleability as an alternative of precision, opening as much as sequence-breaking and bizarre shortcuts via experimentation. It’s a recreation about accumulating the equipment and time to carve a connective trail with nature, finding out the format of the land, and taking part with it to proceed on. Ultros takes the average substances of the fashionable metroidvania, then transplants them into an totally unique DMT-infused Metroid fever dream, in the perfect method.

A virtual PC code used to be supplied to
Display screen Rant
for the aim of this assessment.

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Ultros is an action-adventure Metroidvania-style recreation from developer Hadoque. Set in a psychedelically-stylized international, Ultros follows the unnamed protagonist once they crash-land on an enormous cosmic rock referred to as The Sarcophagus. Gamers will try to discover the reality at the back of the demonic being that inhabits The Sarcophagus and discover subject matters of demise and rebirth as they have interaction with their fellow population. 


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